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In 2020 We changed our name from JAnthony Designs to Known in Heaven Company. We are just a group of nobodies trying to tell everybody all about somebody who can save everybody. 

We don’t desire to be seen, heard, or focused on - we want all of the glory to go to Jesus. This is where the phrase "Unknown on Earth, Known in Heaven was formed". We hope when you see us that you see a reflection of Him. It’s not about us - it’s about the message. This movement is about Jesus and Him alone. 

This is a movement with the goal of us decreasing so that God can increase. About him getting the attention that is due His name. 

This brand is the classic story of how God takes the nobodies of this earth and makes them somebody in the Kingdom. We promise to never stop until people all over the entire world experience this story. 

Welcome to Known In Heaven.


Hey! I'm Jonathan, the owner and creative director of Known in Heaven! I am a creative soul, counting it all joy, eating Chick-fil-A, carrying my cross, and changing the culture for Christ.

Known in Heaven (formerly JAnthony Designs and Anonymous Apparel) was started in 2012 when I was 15 years old as a passion project where I was trying to share my faith with people around me at a young age but wasn't sure where to go with it. Growing up as a Pastor's Kid, I wanted to hide in the background - I wanted a muted way of the impact that didn't involve being highlighted and featured; thus, the brand Known in Heaven was created.

Known in Heaven is a growing community of believers who understand that our earthly fame or accolades are nothing compared to the heavenly rewards. We create clothing with tangible reminders of our faith and God's goodness while keeping up the highest standard of comfort, style, and design. We realized that our lives could be walking, living billboards that allow us to live and share the message loudly without sharing a word. More than just a clothing brand, this is a ministry and a movement. A movement with the goal of us decreasing so that God can increase. About him getting the attention that is due to His name.